Jorge Carrera Andrade – Nothing

In bookstores there are no books,
in books no words,
in words no essence:
there are only husks.

In museums and waiting rooms
are painted canvases and fetishes.
In the Academy there are only recordings
of the wildest dances.

In mouths there is only smoke,
in the eyes only distance.
There is a drum in each ear.
A Sahara yawns in the mind.

Nothing frees us from the desert.
Nothing saves us from the drum.
Painted books shed their pages,
becoming husks of Nothing.


11 Responses to Jorge Carrera Andrade – Nothing

  1. ema says:

    I like it…it’s so deep and strong…

  2. Emily says:

    The attitude of this poem is melancholy because he sounds kind of gloomy and he is talking about how everything has nothing.

  3. Husks are nothing. The universe is shed in the blink of an eye.

  4. Big Smoke says:

    Sometimes its best to not know..
    Its the cause and result of a lot of things… not knowing..
    It saves u from guilt but it can bring guilt with it too..
    It kills u slowly but it can bring life with it too..
    Its a crazy little thing.. not knowing!!!

  5. barti says:

    it’s certainly very deep and touching, specially if it’s translated, portuguese is not an objective language as english but the translation still keeps the strength!

  6. nice poems blog! Wishing you a Merry Christmas 2009

  7. I didn’t know this poem: well written.

  8. theomerma says:

    Love this piece.

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