Emily Dickinson – A light exists in Spring



A light exists in spring
Not present on the year
At any other period.
When March is scarcely here

A color stands abroad
On solitary hills
That science cannot overtake,
But human naturefeels.

It waits upon the lawn;
It shows the furthest tree
Upon the furthest slope we know;
It almost speaks to me.

Then, as horizons step,
Or noons report away,
Without the formula of sound,
It passes, and we stay:

A quality of loss
Affecting our content,
As trade had suddenly encroached
Upon a sacrament.


122 Responses to Emily Dickinson – A light exists in Spring

  1. hahahahahahahahha says:

    I hate that poem how boring

  2. Hope says:

    I love the feeling that the poem inspires in me. It makes me feel as though I am really there as she is feeling these things. I just simply love it!

  3. Hope says:

    I love the feeling that the poem inspires in me. It makes me feel as though I am really there as she is feeling these things. I just simply love it! It makes me feel just wonderful!!

  4. shikha says:

    i don’t know i’ve gota make a damn assignment on this poem…so u can very well imagine my horror….i seriouly can get wot d lady is tryin 2 convey thru her poems…they r very uninterestin

  5. shikha says:

    i don’t know i’ve gota make a damn assignment on this poem…so u can very well imagine my horror….i seriouly can get wot d lady is tryin 2 convey thru her poems…they r very uninterestin

  6. your lyrics float along perfeclty with the pictiure


  7. jenny says:

    i have to do a presentation on this poem!!! omg
    help me someone.. wut is she trying to say

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  9. jeanniel says:

    I enjoyed this very much!

  10. Carlos says:

    I like so much all the elements described in this poem, the color waiting the spring for being a beautiful poem in the land.

  11. I love Dickinson and especially this poem. The art really draws one into the poem itself….into the scene she is creating with words. An excellent choice ot art to accompany the poem.

    I was wondering, if anyone can tell me the artist’s name? I have seen that style on some computers as as a screen saver and I feel like I should know the artist’s name.

    Please post it here if anyone knows…thanks….have a good one…xoox diane

  12. Aldo says:

    Hello diane… I’m Aldo, this site’s author, and unfortunately I don’t know the author for that image.
    Xoox to you…

  13. lizzy says:

    i m trying to interpret this poem..
    who knows what i measns? please try to help me

  14. jaguar says:

    it was a great poem
    keep up the good work and keep on writing

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  16. The Operator says:

    Did you, in all seriousness, pair Thomas Kinkade – the “Painter of Light” – with Emily Dickinson?

  17. Kelly says:

    I love Emily Dickenson. I really appreciate this post!

  18. joe says:

    ireally enjoy this art piece. it would be wonderful to live in

  19. The final line is priceless, no pun intended.

  20. caseymarie88 says:

    The concept of putting a great piece of poetry to a piece of art is wonderful. I enjoy Emily Dickinson’s poetry on its own, but the image just drives the whole thought of the fleeting spring and its glow home. Thank you.

  21. uma says:


  22. saswata says:

    This is a nice poem. Pls visit my site for poems too

  23. Great article! I bet a lot of work went into this post.

  24. Barbara Wooley says:

    For those who need to report on this poem, I think Miss Emily is simply saying that spring has a beautiful, fleeting color that we see only at this time of year. The hills and trees possess an unnatural green. The light shines through barren trees that are just beginning to sprout bright leaves or pale blossoms. (It is probably the source of “spring fever.”) As time passes, the business of summer interrupts the almost holy rite that we have just witnessed. And we are saddened by the loss of these brief moments of communion with nature.

  25. Erica says:

    I love Emily Dickinson. She always has the nostalgic touch to her poems.

    If you want to read my poems, visit my new blog: poetrysenses.com

  26. NATO Poet says:

    I am serving in Afghanistan and one of our servicemembers loves poetry. She posted this poem “Cool Black Milkless Steel” to our NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan Blog.

    Link– http://www.ntm-a.com/blog/2-categoryblog-general/652-cool-black-milkless-steel

    • Marie says:

      Hello NATO Poet. I followed the link to “Cool Black Milkless Steel”. I see she presents it as a set of haiku; I don’t know about that, but as a single poem it reads very well. The images and choice of words are excellent.

  27. hassan says:

    شعر قشنگی بود.

  28. Marie says:

    It actually makes me sad to see so many comments saying something like “I have to do an assignment on this poem – wtf is she saying?” Someone, somewhere is making poetry into a chore for young people, or they’re finding it to be a chore.

    This poem is written in plain English, my native language and the native language of the people complaining. So there’s no problem, right?

    Emily Dickinson grew up in the Berkshire Hills, New England, an area of America which has distinct seasons, each with its own colours, scents, sounds, and quality of light. Superficially this poem is about a turning point in the year, a moment of transience, when your attention is suddenly caught by something different about the world around you. More deeply, it is about transience in general, the way that moments of beauty slip though one’s fingers, the way that mundane things take our attention away from them, “as though trade had suddenly encroached upon a sacrament.”

    I suspect that the majority of readers to this blog are from the USA, which is a country of spectacular and varied natural wonders on the one hand, and almost total commercialism on the other. The contrast is stark. In Dickinson’s day, more than 120 years ago, the contrast might not have been stark.

    Here is another poem of ED’s, this time without rhyme (or rather with subtle half-rhyme)

    The heart asks pleasure first
    And then, excuse from pain-
    And then, those little anodynes
    That deaden suffering;

    And then, to go to sleep;
    And then, if it should be
    The will of its Inquisitor,
    The liberty to die.

    some time ago I was asked by some other poets to write a reply to that poem. I wrote this:

    The liberty to die
    – The sole, unchallenged gift
    To hearts from their Inquisitor –
    Is consequent of life;

    The ambuscade of love
    With all attendant wounds
    Is why, within a world of pain,
    The heart asks pleasure first.

    (for what it’s worth)

  29. name says:

    Gagging on the paint-by-number painting now. This “painting” is about the poorest excuse for art that I’ve ever seen. All it’s lacking are some little green elves and a couple of fairy princesses floating in the windows. Just like taffy for the brain. Please, please, Emily deserves anything but this horrific day-glow painting.

  30. Vlas says:

    Well, trade has suddenly intruded

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  33. John Watson says:

    Hey, this is real cool. I’m not real good with poetry, I’m more prose. However I wrote my first poem today…tell me what you think???


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  35. A nice poem of Emily Dickinson.

  36. I don’t find this boring at all. The language is just apt for the play of melancholy and dreariness of the moment. Dickinson will always be the queen of wisdom and punching imagery.

    visit my poetry blogspot

  37. izy011 says:

    Feels as if I am in the image as I read this poem,

  38. tina says:

    emily you rocks
    i dunno you write these or find from some where but i just know you are the one brought it here for us ,

  39. Thank you. Now it is November and pretty chilly. This poem lit me up and showed me what lies ahead. I will probably read it often this winter. 😉

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  42. Leckertia Bell says:

    This is a great poem i love the way Emily Dickinson has strong yet simple way of writing. My favorite poem from Emily Dickinson is “Im Nobody” check out my poetry blog and tell me what you think http://www.featherypen.blogspot.com

  43. Leckertia Bell says:

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  44. The Global Perambulator says:

    thanks for posting this great poetry

  45. Amit Saini says:

    EMILY Dickinson is an IDOL……Amazing Poetry….

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  48. That is truly lovely poem

  49. xaiy says:

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  52. Dickinson evokes a feeling of loss even as she describes a serene scene.

  53. zeze57 says:

    a light from her soul …. Love to hear Emily speaking !

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