I’m not the Poet,

I’m the poem.

I’m not the paper, not the pen.

I’m not the hand.

I’m a fairy land.

Aldo Tripiciano



29 Responses to About

  1. Please could you put me in touch with the artist David Burrows whose image illustrates William Blakes Invisible worm poem with al iteral picture of the opening line “O Rose thou art sick” as I would like to use this image on a book cover.

  2. Linda Acen says:

    We’re a local charity working in Ofiriha community, and for this reason we need your individual contributions in order for us to deliver services.

    Visit our web page for information: http://www.ofiriha.org

    We shall appreciate if you could relate this information to all Lokoa community both in US, Canada , EU, and Australia etc.

    In case you have any information, take contact with me please

    Best Regards, Linda

  3. Linda Acen says:

    How can to send money to your organisation, Robert

  4. Linda Acen says:

    There are two ways of sending money to us:

    Money can be transfered to Ocda – Ofiriha`s bank in Oslo, and secondly you can send money direct to me via western union payable in Uganda.

    After that you have done that you can again send me your particulars including the test question, and test answers.

    if you this sound ok for you then we appreciate hearing from you, and thanks

  5. Pink Bunny says:

    It’s good to see this blog isn’t a total waste even if it hasn’t had a new post for 2 years.

  6. denisheudre says:

    Do you want to create a category “France” in your blog?
    Some french poems in mine :

  7. quecaraesesto says:

    check out some of my poetry and stuff:

  8. aly fayth says:

    i really like the poetry on this site. is there a way to link sites together so some of my users could see a link to here and enjoy this site as well?

  9. Hi there

    I’m currently working on The Poetry season for the BBC and thought this might be interesting you.

    Here’s a funny viral about poetry the production team put together.

  10. inventivepoetry says:

    Hey! Hope your doing good!
    I just started a blog up about poetry throughout my day and a poem of the day either submitted by me or a user.
    Check it out!.


  11. Elly Double says:

    I thought your readers might be interested in a poetry contest that the free, online literary magazine Narrative is offering right now: the First Annual Poetry Contest (deadline of July 18), info at http://narrativemagazine.com/node/53403. The new work they are publishing is amazing.

  12. thanks for not giving up.

  13. This is the best blog bout poetry n nice n inspiring for me 🙂
    a little poetry from me!

    Why I am not forgetting you.
    Why Inside depth of my heart endless love for you,
    You are not with me but still I am regretting for you.
    Why I am not forgetting you.
    Why, while I am unconscious always dreaming for you.
    When I am alone in dark night why I am screaming for you.
    I travelled highway roads, I rundown on hill way roads, to escape from you.
    I climbed up mountain, I dived into Dead Sea, and I walk in hot red deserts.
    I go everywhere to forget you, where my memory not remembers you.
    Whatever I do I feel my heart not with me he is always follow you.
    To forget you,
    I drink alcohol, I smoke cigarette, and I take marijuana,
    I did all these things to forget you.

  14. Tim says:

    Hello, i love this blog and i love the poetry in it 🙂
    i have just create a blog with my poetry in it, its for other poetry lovers to also post their poetry in it.
    txs 🙂

  15. Hi, my name is Arthur L. Seymour. I live in the Bahamas, I’m looking for any performance, stand up
    poetry gig even if there is no payment involved I would like to
    display my talents. I have been performing my act in the Bahamas for
    over 4 years. We don’t have a vehicle for poetry in the Bahamas so my
    talent is wasting. I need an audition and chance to show what I’m
    about even if there is no money involved. YOU WON”T REGRET IT, they
    call me the Bahamian Tyler Perry because of my style. I have a variety
    of poems, I sent a few of my stuff for your viewing pleasure but
    that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This is my calling, I can write a
    piece in a day, shoot, edit and film. If you don’t think I’m unique
    please ignore my email, if you do please provide a way for me to
    showcase what I’m about.

    Below are a few of my Poems in video and written form

    Man – (Comedy/Biblical) – http://youtu.be/jg9hVLMLYeY – MOST POPULAR
    Fish – (Comedy) – http://youtu.be/M8ltKVlALfk
    Last Round – (Comedy) – http://youtu.be/RmBKMzmGm2M
    Tree – (Inspirational) – http://youtu.be/0kNYqKWTLrs
    Church – (Controversial) – http://youtu.be/XT_BoYC68pE
    My Brew – (Comedy) – http://youtu.be/A80rb_fYaJc
    Closet – (Food For Thought) – http://youtu.be/SfhdnDhb2WA
    Crime – (Food For Thought) – http://youtu.be/9za8oVOHpHI
    Blind – (Food For Thought/Comedy) – http://youtu.be/3aCmIftdbtI
    Signs – (Food For Thought) – http://youtu.be/W_KAC7RwV_8
    Broken – (Food For Thought)- http://youtu.be/P7tWZpW3f24
    Haunted – (Food For Thought) – http://youtu.be/v5fo1jAaJxw
    Outside – (Food for Thought) – http://youtu.be/aHOTD-YdfSo
    Behind The Door – (Comedy) – http://youtu.be/So6AvmL24o4
    Little Seed – (Inspirational) – http://youtu.be/mXTRP7ZT3xs
    Kid – (Controversial/Inspirational) – http://youtu.be/iiueJ74Lzu8 – Child Abuse


    If I was to climb the tree,
    will you be there to help me?
    Tell me before I begin
    to reach out and grab a limb.
    Will you assist me to get on track,
    would you even let me on your back.
    Will you stand and watch me as I crawl
    up the tree to pick for all.
    will you direct my path up to the sun
    so I could grab the biggest one.
    Tell me that you’ll be outside
    waiting for me with a bag.
    Well, will we stilll be together
    to eat the fruits of our labour?
    Or will you up and disappear
    as soon as you get your share.
    I want to know you’ll be around
    waiting for me to come down.
    But what interest me most of all
    is will you catch me if I fall?


    I am lost and on my own
    Disconnected I stand alone
    A fragment of what was before
    Severed and joined as one no more
    The missing piece has been and gone
    Detached from where it should belong
    Separated, dichotomized
    From what it previously occupied
    I’m now a part of something new
    And I can’t be fixed with crazy glue.
    The sharp jagged edges mean a lot
    hurts deeper than a paper-cut
    Desolate I roam the land
    Like broken glass tossed on the sand.
    Segregated, there I lie
    Like pointy splinters cast aside.
    Disengaged so many years,
    Holding on to shattered tears.
    Torn apart, I’ve learned to blend in
    To what are now my surroundings.
    Divided, I long for the days of old.
    And to what made this broken man,


    I swear I have seen a ghost.
    “It” was the one I loved the most.
    Appearing after all this time,
    just so “It” could haunt my mind.
    Why is “It” horrifying me
    still remains a mystery.
    When I thought I paid my dues,
    “It” scared me out off my shoes.
    Go away, that’s what I prayed
    because “It” made me afraid
    Terrified to ask “It” why
    it wouldn’t go away and die.
    I thought that “It” would’ve stayed
    locked inside a hollow grave.
    covered with petals and stems,
    never to be seen again.
    Now that my life is back on track,
    “It’s” giving me a heart attack.
    I was so startled I began to melt.
    “It” already made “its” presence felt.
    If you need a description,
    “It” to me is an addiction.
    Returning after all this time,
    reincarnated to haunt my mind.

  16. shayne wallace says:

    Psychotic wife murdering poem.

    Wild and young.

    At first it was fun
    wild and young
    and the days go by
    the arguments begun
    first the shouting
    next the doubting
    third the hitting
    and then the counting
    days got longer
    as the hitting got stronger
    blood started to leak
    she started to weep
    I’m opposed a threat
    to people around
    to them I upset
    they cry on the ground
    she annoys me more
    when she gives people them looks
    so when we get home
    there’s a recipe to cook
    I cut her up
    season her with herbs
    cook her good
    and feed her to the birds.

    By Shayne Wallace

  17. L.G says:

    Hello, your blog is lovely. My debut novel “Tales of Fantasy and Reality” will be available this May and I made some poetry videos accompanied by classic guitar. Please give my poems a listen, thank you.

  18. Sikajipo says:

    Discovery Channel featuring Sikajipo

  19. Hi I was hoping you could check out my animated version of t.s elliots the hollowmen, maybe even mention it in a post I would really appreciate it. With thanks, james.

  20. Courtney says:

    Hello, I am the Editor in Chief of The Bruised Peach Press. I just wanted to let you know about an upcoming “poetry blog” contest our online journal is hosting. We are looking for very personal and specific blogs in which poets post their work and was hoping maybe you could share this contest with your viewers!

    If you have a poetry blog, send your pic/blog pic and link to your blog to TheBruisedPeachPress.Editor@Gmail.com! Five winners will be chosen to be featured on The BPP Facebook page and the one that receives the most “likes” in 10 days receives a $25 Amazon.com gift card and will receive an exclusive interview posted on TheBruisedPeachPress.com! GOOD LUCK! Deadline is July 1, 2012.

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your time.

  21. bookofpoem says:

    Book of Poem is a community of poets. Have you ever wondered what others
    may think of your poems, or if you need to learn to be a better Poet?
    If you have then this is the place for you. Register and publish your poems on http://www.bookofpoem.com and let the world read your poems. Enjoy the large database of poems and poet profiles.


    PS: The site is in beta mode. Please let us know issues bugs and fixes.

  22. Hafftka says:

    Here a link to paintings of Philip Levine, Gerald Stern, Ira Sadoff, Irena Klepfisz, Edward Hirsch, Yonat Hafftka and Rodger Kamenetz and to a poem each one gave to be published with this article. All were painted from life in my studio in Brooklyn.


  23. Naomi says:

    Noctuary is a non-profit upcoming ezine that aims to give poets a place to showcase their work. We are now reading for issue one, which shall be published early in 2016. I’d love for you to consider submitting to it!


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